3 days


Lahko National Park


NOK 5,450*

Group size

Meeting Point



No previous experience is necessary, but it must be expected to help dogs to work together as a team. We therefore imposes a requirement that participants must be physically fit.



Additional Info

Wilderness of Lahko

Full moon in Lahko national park is winter’s most beautiful adventure. In this time of year it is cold, and the northern lights are often seen here now. Join us into wilderness of Lahko with the full moon shining in the white snow as the huskies take us in to the adventure of your lifetime. If skys are clear, we do not use head lamps, the light of the full moon and the stars will show us the way. This is an experience we look forward to one year in advance.

Day by day

Day 1

We start in Spilderdalen, going through the equipment and techniques. You will recieve a team of 7 dogs that you are responsable for the whole trip. We will go by car up to tunnel 1 in Fykan, once we put the dogs up front of the sled, you will experience eager dogs and the immense power. Once we get started, it becomes silent, not a sound! The dogs are now working together with you and we run into a beautiful scenery that we can only enjoy. We run over several major water with huge scenes that give big impression.

As the huskies take us in around 10 km, we can just relaxe and enjoy the pure untouched adventure of Lahko National park. We will find a good spot to make camp. Dogs first, then our camp is set up. In the camp we will melt snow to get fresh water. We can always go outside to take pictures of the scenery and the dogs. Before we crawl into the sleeping bags, we will feed the dogs.

Day 2

We start the day with breakfast and coffe/tea in the tents. We melt water and get our self ready for another day of adventures. We dismantle the camp and start our way further in to the wilderness. During the day we might see raindeer or tracks of the wolverine, if we are lucky we might get to see them as well at a distance. After a long day we will start our way back to the cars, and then head home for a nice shower and a meal together.

Day 3

We will share pictures, pack and leave. The impression will probably sink in during your way back home!


At Beyondlimits, we always focus on safety during our trips.