Early / Mid May


4 days (3 nights)


Lahko National Park


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Group size

8 (maximum)

Meeting Point



You need to be in good condition. We will ski/walk around 13-20 km per day. You will carry your own backpack and your own food.



Additional Info

Price includes: Transport to Glomfjellet, guiding, food, accommodation.

Price not includes: Personal clothing, sleeping bag, skiing equipment, bus and train tickets.

Skiing / walking expedition through Lahko and Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park

The winter is over in May. Nature is waking up after a long and cold winter and summer is just behind the corner. Days are long, trees are turning green, birds are returning from the South and reindeers are getting cubs. People are packing their skis away and getting ready for the summer. Mountains are getting quiet after a busy spring. But May is still a beautiful time to spend time in the nature and witness the last moments of winter. Despite the summer on the sea level, it can still be good snow and cold weather in the mountains.

This trip is taking you through Lahko- and Saltfjellet-Svartisen national parks. We pack only light backpacks and sleep over at Norwegian tourist cabins (DNT). We walk through snowy mountain areas and down to deep, green valleys and up to snowy mountains again. We change skis for hiking boots when it’s not possible to ski and we carry skis latched to the side of our backpacks.

Day by day

Day 1 | 20 km

Glomfjellet – Gråtadalshytta

On the first day, we are transported up to Glomfjellet where we start our adventure. While walking towards the Kvisteindalsgammen hut, we can see the large white Svartisen glacier in the distance. We enjoy coffee and snacks at hut before we start skiing through Skavldalen valley and down to Gråtadalen valley. With good weather we are able to see the highest peak of Meløy, Skjelåtinden. We reach the Gråtådalen cabin in the afternoon. Here we spend the first night . We enjoy warm dinner together before taking some rest in good beds.

Day 2 | 20 km

Gråtadalshytta – Beiarn

After a good night’s sleep and nice breakfast, we continue our expedition. From Gråtadalshytta we have a long uphill to Kyskåfjellet, but when we reach the top it is completely worth every sweat drop. The scenery is beautiful over Saltfjellet national park and in good weather we can see all the way to Sweden. We can see high mountains, small glaciers flowing down from the mountain sides and river flowing along the bottom of the green Beiarn valley. Then we start a long downhill to valley. On the way down the snow is gradually disappearing and we need to change from skis to hiking boots. We sleep over at Beiarnstua, where you have possibility to enjoy warm sauna, take a bath in the cold river, and be cuddled to the sleep by the sound of a majestic waterfall nearby.

Day 3 | 18 km

Beiarn – Bjellåvasstua

This day we follow the tracks up to the mountain area again. We pass beautiful waterfalls and follow the river higher up. On the way we can see different birds and also reindeers herding around. If we are lucky, we can see also after first reindeer cubs. At some point we reach the snow again, we put on our skies and continue further up the mountain. Around noon we ski down to Tollådalen and its beautiful birch forest. We enjoy lunch and warm beverages next to the roaring river the flows down the valley. After a break, the track leads us up to the mountain again and in the afternoon we reach our next destination, Bjellåvasstua, which is located next to the large Bjøllåvatnet lake.

Day 4 | 13 km

Bjellåvasstua – E6

This is our last day and it’s time to get back to civilization. We start skiing early in the morning and we follow the DNT-path over the mountains. The trail is leading through a birch and a pine forest. In the afternoon we reach the E6 road where we take the bus to Røkland and the train further to Bodø.


At Beyondlimits, we always focus on safety. The trip follows permanent trail, and is led by experienced and knowledgeable local guides. We provide tents, stoves, first aid kit, navigational aids, and safety equipment. There are large areas without cellphone coverage, but we bring emergency beacon and a device for communication.

You need to wear clothes that are suitable for the mountains of the Northern Norway. You have to bring sleeping bag. Once signed up, you receive the equipment list that explains all the details needed about equipment.