12 hours




NOK 1,850*

Group size

8 (maximum)

Meeting Point



You must be in good shape, and you should be prepared for long and demanding day of trekking. Above all though, you should be willing to help your team during this incredible journey! Team spirit is the key!



Additional Info

Change of program: route, time, and distance may change during the trip, based on weather conditions. 

Suliskongen: 1907 m between Norway and Sweden

Summer is quickly approaching. The snow is melting fast and the vivid summer colors start to reclaim their territory. We take advantage of the last skiing opportunity for a proper hike and a wonderful sightseeing experience. Go beyond limits and come with us to the top of the Suliskongen summit. Let’s enjoy some cold breeze before the summer heat, and cross a glacier on the way there!


Beyondlimits organizes a day trip to the Suliskongen peak in the Fauske municipality. With its 1907 meters, Suliskongen is one of the mightiest mountains of Northern Norway. It’s the second tallest north of the Dovre massif, only 8 meters shorter Oksskolten peak, which is the highest.

We meet at the Ny-Sulitjelma tourist lodge at 9:00 am and head towards the Sulitjelma glacier and the Suliskongen summit. It is possible to stay overnight at the lodge, if you want to come the day before.

We go up to the Tverrfjellet summit. The trails rises slowly towards the entrance of the Sulitjelma glacier. When we’re up on the glacier, we get a perfect view of the Suliskongen, Dama and Knekten peaks (the king, the lady, and the knight, respectively). We continue on the glacier for three kilometers before we begin the ascent to the top of Suliskongen. At the summit, we get a magnificent view in all directions. You can expect to see the Lofoten islands to the North, the Okstindan summit to the South, the Salten mountains to West, and the great Swedish national parks Padlejanta, Stora Sjofallet and Sarek to the East. After resting and eating at the top, we follow our own tracks back to Ny-Sulitjelma.


At Beyondlimits, we always focus on safety during our trips. During the trip to Suliskongen, we do not follow any permanent trail, so we have experienced and knowledgeable local guides on the trip. We provide stoves, first aid kit, navigational aids, and safety equipment. There might be areas with no cellphone coverage, but we bring emergency beacon and a satellite phone.

You need to wear clothes that are suitable for the North Norwegian mountains. You also need skies and have to bring food and drinks. Once signed up, you will receive an equipment list needed for the trip.