18.01.2019 – 22.01.2019


4 + 1 days (Weather)


Saltfjellet Mountains


NOK 5,490*

Group size

6 (maximum)

Meeting Point



You must be in good shape, and you should be prepared for long and demanding days of skiing. Above all though, you should be willing to help your team during this incredible journey! Team spirit is the key! If you are not sure you are able to complete this trip, you can join our Sundsfjord – Glomfjord trip for training.



Additional Info

We will provide tents, pulka, harness, breakfast, dinner, shovel, stoves, gasoline, communication device, navigation device and communal equipment in general. We will sleep in tents during the whole expedition, once signed up, you will receive a equipment list describing all the details needed.

We cross the Saltfjellet mountains from south to north!

This is a winter expedition adventure. The popular Telegraf route trip in summertime is now also available in winter. Learn the basics of winter survival, as we ski with sledges and sleep in tents!

The Northern Lights, the stars, the first peak of the sun, national park and the full moon. During the crossing – all the way through pure wilderness – we will cross the Arctic polar circle on the way. Price includes everything from food to accommodation.

Day by day

Day 1

Bjøllånes – Tespdalen

We travel to Bjøllånes, just south of Saltfjellet mountains. This will be the starting place, and normally we will be here around 12pm. We rigg the pulka, put on skis and start our incredible journey up the walley. Normally the first km is tracked with snowmobiles wich is good help, but from there, it’s pure wilderness. Once we reach around 600m up, we will setup camp for the night. If the weather is good, the pictures here will be stunning with the surrounding nunataks. We melt snow, eat dinner and talk about the the big adventure ahead of us!

Day 2

Tespdalen – Bjøllådalen

It’s day two, and we start with a nice breakfast following with some coffey/tea. We take down the camp, and start our way up to Lappflyttarskardet. We will see a hut on the way, reminding us that in summer/late winter, there are people here as well. After crossing a huge lake, we will slowly climb our way up to Lappflyttarksardet. It’s a great view point, if weather is clear and the wind is calm, this is a perfect picture spot! All depending on the snow conditions, we will surf down on the snow, and enter the famous Bjøllådalen. All the sudden, from standing on top of the mountains with snow and ice, we are now down in a walley surrounded by an old forrest. We will follow this walley north, pass a few huts along the way and put up a camp deep inside Saltfjellet mountains.

Day 3

Bjøllådalen – Nordre Bjøllåvatnet

Tent life can be wonderful, it gives you time to stretch out, drink some coffey and plenty of time to talk with your team mates! After a nice breakfast, we take down our camp, and head out for the big lakes! Today, it’s distance day, and the terrain is flat and easy. In summer time, we go around the lakes, but in winter, we go straight over them. At this time of the year, the wind tends to blow from east or south east. This means that we will probably have the wind in our back! This is probably the finest area to do photos while walking, so make sure you bring a small camera that fits into your pocket, this way you can take photos all the time you want. We will cross Søre Bjøllåvatnet, follow the river up and try to cross the whole nordre Bjøllåvatnet, and setup camp.

Day 4

Bjøllåvatnet – Saltdalen

If everything goes smooth, this will be our last day on this incredible journey! Today, we will try make our way down to civilisation again. All depending on the snow conditions how this will be, if icy, we will take it slow, if powder, we will make sail 🙂

Once we are down, we are full of new memories and pictures to tell and show back home!


At Beyondlimits, we always focus on safety during our trips. The trip doesn’t follow a permanent trail, and is led by an experienced and knowledgeable local guide. We provide tents, stoves, first aid kit, navigational aids, and safety equipment. There is no cellphone coverage during the trip, but we bring emergency beacon and a device for communication.

You need to wear clothes that are suitable for the North Norwegian mountains. You have to bring sleeping bag. Once signed up, you will receive the equipment list that explain all the details needed about equipment.