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Even though the days are short, it is still a perfect time to spend outdoors. A perfect time to take a crossing of Lahko National Park, from north to south with ski and pulka. The beauty of being in the mountains at this time of the year is that we are all alone in the mountains, not a trace of people to see. If one is lucky, you can see some of the grouse and mooses that live in the mountains. Perhaps some reindeer or even the wolverine that hides up here in the mountains

Me and Rune in Beyond Limits start the trip in Sundsfjord and plan to finish the trip by the tunnel on the mountain road at Fykan in Glomfjord. The distance is about 35 kilometers in light-hilly terrain. With help from the light to the full moon we turn up the tent in the trollish Birch forest at Fellvatnet in Gildeskål. It is completely quiet in the dark forest and the elongated birch trees cast long moon shadows in the white snow. A memorable moment that only nature can create.

The pulka is loaded and we are ready for a two day expedition trip through Lahko National Park. To be on the high mountain in January it’s a bit surprising that we meet rain showers, but the weather forecast is happy to clear up during the evening.

A little break in the ground at the big and gray rock at Stihaugen.

Looking back towards Sundsfjorden, the clouds hang low and dark on the horizon.

Early start before the sun is raising. Just pack in the pulkas and buckle on the skis and continue the journey further into the national park.

The pulkas are not always as cooperative, sometimes they follow their own ways. This time straight into a two meter deep hole that the river has dug out.

We do not take the risk to cross Fellvatnet since it is regulated water, but we follow the waters edge and cross over at Jordbrua to Sundvasselva.

Konradvatnet is covered with ice and snow.

The sun is still under the horizon and the days are short. Even though we are in the last convulsions of darkness, the light in the sky is certainly present and very prominent. The light is constantly changing, the color tones change from the cold blue to the pink and purple shades. It’s a wonderful sight. The sun sets in front of us, where it shines from somewhere below the horizon.

The last climb. The wind has buil large scales that are easier to travel without skis on.

Navnløsvatn and Svartisen right in front and the mountains in Glomfjord are in sight. The view marks that we are soon at the end of our January expedition. We are just heading down to Fykan as the darkness dimmer down the light all the way down.

Sturla Nilssen-Waageng

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