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About us

Who we are?

We love our jobs!

Travelers from around the world often ask us questions. Is Norway a good place for someone without experience? Will I be able to meet the challenges of wild nature? Is it suitable for young people, old people, businessman, family , hardcore adventurers? The ultimate answer for us is always yes!

Nature around our place is one of Norway’s hidden diamonds. We got everything here, starting from the most accessible glacier in the northern Europe through the beautiful fjords and hidden beaches, ending with the wildest nature and hardcore caves in the world. You could experience winter in the middle of summer, go kayaking around floating iceberg, or travel by boat to one of the hidden places for a swim.

During years of experience, we have designed our trips to fit your needs, no matter what you do or where you are from, the untouched nature here has a secret for everyone! Join us paddling in the arctic, ice climbing in summer, dog sledge over Svartisen glacier and trekking across Norway. Stand on top of Svartisen highest summit, or enter Lahko national park. Join our round trip in Saltfjellet and Rago national parks or dive into the most hardcore caves in the world with rope gear assistance and spend the night there.

With Beyond Limits team, there is no limit! We are well known to complete our trips, and we got none failure trips on our CV. Relax and let us show you the hidden treasures of Norway.

Travelling north with Rune


Rune is one out of 24 in the world that is a certified IPGA guide. He has guided
  • North Pole 2 times
  • Northwest Passage 400km ski trip trough the passage
  • Greenland East-West, Nansen’s route 1888 2016
  • Greenland East-West, Nansen’s route 1888 2018
  • Greenland West-East, Spring crossing 2019
  • Svartisen glacier crossing (25+ times)
  • Across Norway in Nordland (7 times)
  • Across Norway winter expedition
  • Hardangervidda crossing (Finse – Haukeli)
  • Svalbard (3 times)
  • Finnmark plateau crossing
  • Dividal National Park crossing
  • Svartisen glacier crossing East-West from Mo i Rana to Glomfjord
  • Glacier trekking with groups (100+ times)
  • Lahko National Park (50+ times)
  • Sundsfjord – Glomfjord trek (3 times)
  • Greftkjelen cave (13 times)
  • Kayaking in the arctic (40 + times
  • The Horn caves (20+ times)
  • Nonshaug cave (12 times)
  • Snøtinden summit
  • Lofoten various peaks (climbing)
  • Istinden summit
  • Fugløya climbing
  • Strandåtinden summit (One of Norway’s 3 most difficult peaks)
  • Kugelhorn summit
  • Eidetinden summit
  • Roggeravjeraige
  • Safety leader for a Red Bull film crew
  • Safety leader for 71 grader nord kjendis
  • Training people to go to the North pole & Greenland
  • Safety leader for work in height NATO
Rune's Permissions and CV

Professional Experience

Oil rigs

Aker Solutions

Inspections and advance rope access on the following oil rigs: Statfjord A,B,C. Gullfaks A, B&C. Åsgard A, Åsgard B, Jotun B, Egersund, Snorre A, Mongstad, Kollsnes, Sture.


  • Worked as NS477 Inspector on Mongstad (DnV) for 3 months
  • Inspection on 316 pipes on Troll B (several times)
  • Inspection on Balder for Exxon Mobil on 2-4 rotation
  • Inspection and works in connection with delugetest on Visund
  • Inspection in the flare and under the rig for 2 trips
  • Welding coordinator and inspection on welds on Snorre A
  • Rope access on Eydehavn
  • Inspection and rigging on Jotun A and B
  • Inspection planning and working leader for an inspection team on Balder

Aker Kværner Stord

  • Welder on Aker Stord
  • Welder at Melkoya LNG terminal (Snøhvit gas field)
  • Welder on different rigs outside of Aker Stord Hydro Production Partner AS
  • Mechanic / Welder and some coordination works
Rope Access Class 3 Level “A” Safety Leader according to NS9600
(National Standard) | Read more 
Inspection certificates:

2012 – RT – Industrial radiography testing – Level 1
2009 – SIS/radiological protection certificate
2009 – PT– Penetration Cert. Level 2 – Nordtest/EN 473
2009 – MT– Magnetic Particle Cert. Level 2 – Nordtest/EN 473
2009 – UT– Ultrasonic Cert. Level 1 – Nordtest/EN473
2007 – IWI-S International Welding Inspector NS477

Other certificates:

2008 – OLF(Norwegian Oil Industry Association ) – HSE course
2008 – Helicopter evacuation course
2009 – Industrial rope access certificate level A 3 SOFT NS9600
2009 – Basic safety course
2010 – Rig Inspection course
2002 – 2017 – Repeated HSE courses / Health Safety Enviroment

  • Defibrylator course
  • First Aid course
  • Glacier course
  • Kayak Activity Leader
  • Fire safety
  • Search and rescue course
  • On site commander
Travelling north with Sturla


Trips as a guide
  • Lahko National Park
  • Rago National Park
  • Across Norway summer expedition
  • The Horn caves
  • Glomdalen valley
  • Nonshaugen cave
  • Skjelåtinden summit
  • Istinden summit
  • Snøtinden (Svartisen’s glacier summit)
Personal achievements
  • Svartisen glacier crossing
  • Climbed Mt Blanc, 4808 m
  • Climbed Kilimanjaro, 5895 m
  • Skied Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt, France/Switzerland
  • Skied Berner Oberland region, Switzerland
  • Hiked Monte Rosa summit Switzerland/Italy
  • Climbed Zumsteinspite, 4563 m, (Switzerland)
  • Finnmarksvidda plateau solo winter expedition
  • Hardangervidda solo winter expedition
  • Greenland Artic circle trail winter expedition
Sturla's permissions and CV


Oil rigs & Offshore

Worked offshore at the Oseberg oil rig from 1997 to the current day.

2017  – Present – Startup team at the Oseberg H platform
2011 – 2017 – Discipline Responsible O&M at Oseberg Field center
2010 – 2011 – Discipline Planner for the Oseberg Fieldcenter revisjon stop
2009 – 2010 – Discipline Responsible O&M at Oseberg Field center
2008 – 2009 – Operation Supervisor South Pars 68
2006 – 2008 – Field engineer ICC, Oseberg DtS project
2004 – 2006 – Engineering team Oseberg DtS project
1997 – 2004 – Operational technician Oseberg Field center
1996 – 1997 – Operational technician at Hydro Agri Ammonia plant Porsgrunn
1994 – 1995 – Norwegian armed forces, North Brigade

Other certificates:
  • GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC)
  • Basic Safety course for offshore personnel
  • Helicopter Evacuation course
  • Search and Rescue Team course
  • On-scene Commander
  • Kayak
  • Glacier course
  • First Aid course
Travelling north with Amanda

Rope Access Level 2

Rope Access operator
  • NS9600 – Rope Access Level 2
  • GSK
  • Rope Access Level 2
  • G11 Slingers, Banksman module 1.1 – 2.3
  • Rigger – Modul P-2.4 + P-4.4.
  • Fall Arrest instructor
  • Expert person on PPE for Rope access and Fall arrest equipment accourding to NS-EN 365.