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Frequently Asked Questions

About Trips

What gear do I need?

Almost nothing, we got most of it covered. But you do need private clothing! Each trip has its own equipment list. You will receive the list when you sign up for the trip. All the details are well explained there. If you are missing anything, and you feel it’s too expensive to buy a piece of gear just for one trip, we are sure we can work something out for you! Beyond Limits has a big storage. We can also answer any equipment-related question you might have.

Am I fit enough?

If you are in general good shape, you can join most of our trips. Based on our experience, we prefer to walk at a slower pace to avoid injuries, and organize the breaks in the most efficient manner. Our trips are well planned and we try each of them before we offer them to the public. If you plan to cross Norway in winter with us, we recommend you join our Sundsfjord-Glomfjord trip first for training.

How do we take care of Your safety?

We always plan our trips and make sure that everything is as safe as possible. However, you have to remember that nature can be unpredictable. We’ve got security tracker beacon on each trip, GPS and satellite phones. Our headquarters follow every step we take and provide us with weather updates every day. Our guides are trained in the roughest environment on Earth, and we follow tight safety procedures.

How should I prepare?

For longer, more demanding treks, we expect you to be able to carry a backpack for several days in a row. For ski expeditions, try pulling tires to get your back used to the effort. Start training as soon as possible.

What's included in the price?

Each activity with Beyond Limits includes the following in the price:

  • Assistance of a qualified guide, instructor or supervisor
  • All expenses for the guide which may not be specified in the information for the event / activity
  • Unless specified otherwise, all personal safety equipment during the activity; this may include, but not be limited to:
    • Avalanche safety equipment (beacon, avalanche pole, shovel)
    • Tents, stoves, gasoline
    • Map, compass, GPS
    • Satellite phone, safety beacon, inReach satellite communicator, whistle, flares, first aid kit
    • Climbing equipment (harness with accessories, helmet, crampons, ice axe, ropes)
    • Personal equipment for glacier hikes (harness with accessories, helmet, crampons, ice axe, ropes)
    • Other potential safety equipment
    • Oxygen analyzers
  • When specified in the trip description, lodging, transport and/or food is included in the price.
  • Safety debrief before the trip, when we go through our internal procedures and make sure you are prepared.

Where could I stay in Meløy?

Ørnes Hotel

Telefon: +47 75 75 45 99


Glomfjord Hotel:

Telefon: + 47 75 75 25 00


Reipå Camping:

Telefon: +47 75 75 57 74 / +47 90956047


Furøy Camping:

Telefon: + 47 97 67 14 77 / +47 94 19 13 15


Terms & Conditions

What is our Terms & Conditions?

You can read our Terms & Conditions here. Please make sure to read them before booking a trip.