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Fall Arrest Course


Fall arrest course

According to NS9610:2020 (National Standard)

Our instructors got the highest possible license for this, and years of years with experience. We will teach you according to NS9610:2020

Offer & Certificates

This is a full day course, where the first half of the day will be theory, and the second half will be practical. Based on the intervju before hand, we will give you an offer based on the equipment you will use on your own work. This way, you will be given theory, and practical instructions on the equipment that you actually are going to use!

What we offer:
  • Courses on fall protection according to NS 9610:2020
  • Instructor with the highest possible active license
  • Full course where the first half day will be theory and the second practical
  • Classroom for theory, and pre-rigged practical tracks
  • All equipment included
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
Our Certificates:

Active Rope Access Level 3 – Safety Leader license with 15 years of experience

Where we can work for you

Rope Access Services

Oil rigs
Ice & Glaciers
Inaccessible areas