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Storskog-Rago is a small but big national park, the contrasts are huge. You can experience peaceful woodland, naked rock faces, cliffs, huge boulders, waterfalls and deep canyons.

Rago is beautiful but even more in the autumn. The nature is starting to prepare for the coming winter, and the colours on the vegetation shifts from green to thousands of nuances in red and yellow. The weather forecast for the Weekend shows no wind and no clouds and high probability to spot the Aurora Borealis/Norther light. In other words a high probabiity for an excellent weekend in the backcountry.

I meet the group of four mountain hikers at the parking place in Lakshol, all are exited and ready for a roundtrip in Rago. My self included. A round trip goes from Lakshola, through the valley from Nordfjord to Storskogvatnet, Sølvskardvatnan and Litlverivatnet, and ending back in Lakshol. We have set all of the weekend for the round trip so we can enjoy the beautiful scenery in a slow pace. One night is to be spent at the shores of lake Storskogvatnet.

Food and tents is handed out and we make the last preparations. A short brief about the Nationalpark and the days ahead before we put on our backpacks and takes the first step on the trail that leads us to the heart of Storskog-Rago Nationalpark.

We have finally climbed up the Nordskaret pass and reached within the border of the Nationalpark and a short break is well deserved. The view over Storskogdalen valley and Litverlivassfossen waterfall is magnificent.


To preserve the wilderness in Rago man-made infrastructure is almost non-existent, luckily there are some suspension bridges along the trail.


An old boathouse at the shores of Storskogvatn lake build with pine trees. The slowly growing pine trees near Storskogvatn was famous for its quality, it was used mainly for boatbuilding.

Our camp for the night is set at a perfect spot by the lake. Suddenly the Northern Light appears and the moment gets perfect. No better way to end the day in the backcountry like this.

It’s hard to crawl into the sleeping bag when mother nature spoils you with entertainment like this. I have probably seen the Northern lights hundreds of hours and i never get tired of the sight.

A powerful breakfast is important when hiking in the backcountry. Nothing beats a bowl of oatmeal with seasonal berries picked just right outside the tent.

A short visit at Storskogfossen is mandatory before we break camp and continue our journey in Rago.

Passing the smal lakes at Sølvskardet, just a few kilometers left to the Litverivatnet and the skybridge over Litverivassfossen waterfall

A short brek at the steep and grey mountain on the Western siden of Literlivatnet. We have a perfect view over the 250 meter high waterfall and the valley bellow. Our journey is close to an end and the circle back to Lakshol is almost complete. Our mind is filled up with good moments and impressions from our stay in Rago, impressions that will last for a lifetime.

Thanks to all for an great trip in Storskog-Rago 🙂

Sturla Nilssen-Waageng

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