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All our Rope Access Technicians are educated as Riggers with G11 & Modul P-2.4 + P-4.4.

We are riggers with papers, and we do it by the book, contact us for more information!

Rigging offshore

We are qualified riggers, with years of experience!

Do you need help with advance lifting, or rigging in the height?

What we offer:
  • Risk assessment with the rigging
  • Planning the rigging
  • Rigging / Advance rigging at the height combined with rope access
  • Mechanical installation at the height
  • Work with pulleys and installation with pulleys at the height
Our Certificates:

Rope Access Technician – Level 1,2,3 and Safety Supervisor
G11 – Lifting Equipment (3 day course with examination)
Rigger Course module P-2.4 & P-4.4 (5 day course with examination)

Where we can work for you

Rope Access Services

Oil rigs
Ice & Glaciers
Inaccessible areas