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Rope access services


Class Level 3
Safety Supervisor

According to NS9600 (National Standard)

Level 3 safety leader is highest professional rope access level available. It means that you will work with team of certified personnel who have the necessary expertise to perform all types of rope access techniques and rescuing actions.

Offer & Certificates

Available in our team we got:

  • NS9600 Level 1
  • NS9600 Level 2
  • NS9600 Level 3
  • Safety Leader
What we offer:

Mechanic, inspection, welding, demolition, roof thatching, painting, rigging, concrete rehabilitation. It doesn’t matter, we are a team with lots of experience, and combined we have a CV with certificates that can solve anything!

Where we can work for you

Rope Access Services

Oil rigs
Ice & Glaciers
Inaccessible areas