01.10. – 03.10.2021


3 days


Svartisen Glacier


NOK 4,940*

Group size

8 (maximum)

Meeting Point

Storglomvatnet dam


You need to have some experience of skiing and be in general good shape. We will ski for about 6-12 hours.



Additional Info

Price includes: crevasse rescue equipment, emergency beacon (EPIRB) inREACH, dinner, breakfast, tent, pulka, stove, cooking equipment. Price does not include: personal clothing, skiing equipment, sleeping bag, mattress, (possible to rent), snacks.

Change of program: route, time and distance may change during the trip, based on weather conditions.

Ski across Svartisen glacier in fall

Do you want to cross Svartisen, Norway’s second biggest glacier, and reach its highest summit Snøtinden in the Fall?

The Northern Lights, full Moon, navigating crevasse fields, rivers, ropes, sunset, whiteout, spectacular moments, summit, there’s everything you need for an unforgettable Arctic adventure!

Prepare for a 3-day expedition, with 3 days of spectacular moments , camping in tents, skiing with sledges and climbing with crampons. We will head for Snøtinden, this is not only Svartisen highest point, but also Rana municipality’s highest summit. While we are walking in the winter land, we might see all the way to Sweden in East and Lofoten in West. Sign up for a great adventure, and go beyond your wildest imaginations!

Day by day

Day 1

We meet at the Storglomvatnet dam. From here we will climb our way up to Svartisen. As the starting point is at 600m above the sea level, we soon reach the snow, and we put on our crampons, and after a while the skis. It’s a steep climb, it`s probably warm, but once we get up, it’s just amazing!

We work our way up to a point called 1302. It is a summit from which we can see all the way to Sweden in the East and the Lofoten archipelago to the West. There are some amazing spots to take landscape pictures up at 1302. This will be the camp for the day.

Day 2

When we wake up and if the weather is clear, we can see Snøtinden from our camp site. The summit is our goal for the day. The contrast between snow and all the surrounding bare mountains and hills offers opportunities for some spectacular pictures.

From 1302 we head for Snøtinden. Once we reach the peak, we are at Svartisen’s highest point, as well as Rana municipality’s highest summit. If the wind is calm, we have our lunch here. After the lunch, we slowly head back towards the 1302, and spend the night there.

Day 3

After a good breakfast, we use our tracking device to head back between the crevasses and go towards the civilization. We ski back and enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of us. We leave Svartisen National Park behind, our minds full of beautiful moments that will be hard to explain to people back home!


At Beyondlimits, we always focus on safety during our trips. The trip doesn’t follow any permanent trail and is led by an experienced and knowledgeable local guide. We provide tents, stoves, first aid kit, navigational aids, and safety equipment. There is no cellphone coverage during the trip, but we bring emergency beacon and a device for communication.

You need to wear clothes that are suitable for the North Norwegian mountains. You have to bring sleeping bag. Once signed up, you will receive the equipment list that explain all the details needed about equipment.