5 hours




NOK 1700,-*

Group Size

If bigger group, we got more guides

Meeting place

Pier in Holandsfjorden


No previously experience necessary.




From us you will recieve:

Crampons, harness, axe, helmet, carabiner and ropes.

You must bring:

Windproof clothes, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, stiff hiking boots and something to drink and eat.

Glacier Hike on Svartisen (Engenbreen)

Do you want to go on a glacier? Then this is the right place for you,

Join us into the ropes, and we will lead you up on the blue shining glacier of Engenbreen in Meløy municipality. This is on two-do-list to very man people, and it’s great, because almost the whole family can join this trip. It fits families, love couples, or just those who like to explore on their own, it’s perfect!

Along the way, we tell stories and share facts, as we climbed up the beautiful glacier arm that stretches down the mountain side. The deep blue color of the ice, and the summer contrast down in the lowlands makes it all magic. Join us, and get a taste of a little arctic adventure at Svartisen in Nordland!


We meet up at the pier in Holandsfjorden, and take the ferry Isprins over to Engenbreen together.

At the harbor of Engenbreen, we will sort out the groups, depending how many we are, but here we will give you your personal equipment that you are going to need on this adventure. We walk / cycle until the road ends, from there we will hike up the mountain side while the guide tells stories. When we are up at the edge of the ice, we will take a snack and go through all the equipment and techniques. You do not need to worry, we will put the level of difficulty just the way you want it!

As we enter the ice, we are all roped up. We will pass some cracks, awesome formations, rivers, and maybe do some small climbing too, as we insert ice screws along the way. Every day is different here, it changes crazy fast, so it’s always exciting, even for the guide who walk here every day!

When we are done and have filled the memory stick on the camera, we will return to the dock and deliver the equipment. On Engenbreen there is a nice restaurant, there are also mooses here which you can pet and feed, as well as other activities too!


At Beyondlimits, we always focus on safety during our trips. On this trip we will use certified guides with long experience. Before starting on this trip, we will go through our internal procedures with attached risk analyzes and checklists. Everyone is given out their personal equipment, which we will go through together before we start.

It is good phone coverage, and first aid kit is always with us!