04 – 07.08.2022

11.08 – 14.08.2022


4 days


Svartisen, Nordland


NOK 4,490*

Group size

8 (maximum)

Meeting Point



You must be in good shape, and you should be prepared for long and demanding days of trekking. Above all though, you should be willing to help your team during this incredible journey! Team spirit is the key!



Additional Info

Trough the wild heart of Svartisen

Come and experience Glomdalen, a mighty valley that splits Svartisen, Norway’s second largest glacier, in two. Beyondlimits is organizing a three-day trip from the Storglomvatnet lake in Meloy to Mo i Rana, right through the valley itself.

During the last little ice age, Svartisen was one big glacier. Today, it’s divided in two. The Western part of the glacier is Norway’s second largest, while the Eastern part of Svartisen is the fourth largest. The 30-kilometer long Glomdalen cuts right through the heart of the glacier, and offers an impressive wild and beautiful scenery.

During the trip, we follow the Glomåga. What initially is a small stream later becomes a mighty river that ends up in stunning river delta in the beautiful lake Langvatnet in Mo i Rana. Our journey will lead us through the heart of Svartisen, where we will admire high peaks covered by the glacier on each side of us. We will feel the light breeze from countless waterfalls, admire sun reflecting on outlet glaciers, peek into the chilling depths of underground caves and see amazing marble formations from the ice age. We will visit the Magical Marmorslottet, a marble field in which the Glomåga river carved various holes and shapes that include a famous marble horse. The tour will end at a road at the Fisktjønna Nature Reserve, where we will be picked up and taken to Mo i Rana.

Day by day

Day 1

We meet up in Ørnes, here we get to know each other. We go through the equipment and check the tents that we will use on the trip. We go by car up to Storglomvatnet and take a boat over to Terskald. We find a good camp spot here, and check out the desolated lunar landscape around, an area that few people have seen before.

Day 2

After a good breakfast we aim the compass at Mo i Rana. As we are walking up, we enter the gate to Glomdalen. We start at the highest point, and follow the Glomåga river down the valley towards Bjørnefossen, a huge waterfall that ends up in the Flatisvatnet lake. Here we get an impressive view of one of the Svartisen glacier’s hidden tongue that extends down into the desolated lake. Today we also pass the Arctic Circle. Eventually, we set up a new camp spot for the night.

Day 3

After a good night of sleep, we eat breakfast and take down our camp. We aim to the trail thats leds from the Pikhaugvatnet lake and follow it past the Glomdalsvatnet lake, further down to the Fisktjønna lake. We take a detour over to the famous Marmorslottet, just before entering the road for the last few kilometers. We reach the pickup point, where a taxi is waiting for us to take us down to Mo i Rana. Once there, the trip ends.


At Beyondlimits, we always focus on safety during our trips. The trip have no permanent trail (except final part). We use experienced and knowledgeable local guides on the trip. We provide tents, stoves, first aid kit, navigational aids, and safety equipment. There is no cellphone coverage during the trip, but we bring emergency beacon and a device for communication.

You need to wear clothes that are suitable for the North Norwegian mountains. You have to bring sleeping bag. Once signed up, you will receive the equipment list that explain all the details needed about equipment.