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Adventures Beyond Limits

Storskog-Rago National Park
Skjelåtinden Summit
Kayaking in the Arctic
Svartisen glacier
Saltfjellet – Svartisen National Park

Variety of trips, all year round!

We can travel with you beyond limits with many carefully crafted trips in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We can also plan a trip specially designed for your needs. Just let us know!


Owner & Guide

Greetings traveler! My name is Rune Krogh and I am a professional guide. On our website you will find several tours and events. All our adventures have been built over many years and based on feedback from our clients.

Throughout my professional career as a guide, I became No. 23 in the world to be approved as an IPGA guide (International Polar guide). I have worked for Børge Ousland, the world-famous polar explorer. I have helped guide people to the North Pole, I have guided ski trips through the frozen Northwest Passage, and several autumn and spring crossings over Greenland, just as Nansen did in 1888. I have led people across Finnmarksvidda, Svalbard and countless crossings of the glacier Svartisen. I have led Across Norway in wintertime with skis and sledges, summer with backpacks and countless adventures with dog sleds. But what I remember best is Across Norway with my then one-year old daughter!

I am also a trained specialist in rope rescue and have the highest certificate in rope access available (Class A-3) together with 14 years of experience with climbing on Norwegian oil rigs.

Our team at Beyond Limits can organize all types of outdoor activities tailored to your needs; Across Norway both summer and winter, kayaking around spectacular icebergs floating from Svartisen glacier, outdoor climbing, rappelling with groups, or peak climbing on famous peaks here in Nordland.

Because once you accept your limits, you can go beyond them!


Professional guide & gear

Professional guide

Our guides are trained in the harshest polar regions environment on the Earth and will lead the way trough wilderness to the destination point.

Beautiful places

We will take you to the most beautiful places on the planet, where mountains, lakes, caves and other hidden diamonds lies hidden and waiting for you!

Wild landscapes

Amazing landscapes and stunning contrast between winter land and fjords that lies over 1000 meters beneath will make your heart beat faster.

Sustainability and environment

Beyondlimits loves nature We think about the impact we have on the environment and how we can be sustainable.

Best gear

We provide best quality gear and equipment to make sure your adventure will be at it’s best.

Safety and respect

Nature can be unpredictable, so we always plan our trips and make sure that everything is secured. 

Sustainability and the environment

Beyondlimits loves nature and therefore we are committed to preserving the nature we travel in. Nature is vulnerable and as a tour organizer we recognize our responsibility to reduce our impact to the nature and reduce the footprint we leave on our trips. Our goal is to limit the use of plastic and disposable items on all our trips. We use public transport where possible and we are careful not to leave any garbage behind.

Nature & Landscapes

Nordland is a wild and beautiful area, often referred to as Norway’s largest secret diamond. Just North of the Arctic Circle are still remainings of the ice age that once dominated the landscape here north. Norway’s second largest glacier Svartisen is located right outside our doorsteep. It is easily accessible and that is where we are located. We are happy and proud to call this our home.

The Svartisen glacier (The black ice) calves’ large amounts of ice into Lake Storglomvatn. Here we can paddle around floating icebergs while we hear the crackling and rumbling from the Glacier. You can really experience the primordial power of nature with self-vision. In the summer time we go skiing on The Black ice and feel the heart filled with joy as we experience the contrast between winterland on the glacier and Summerland in the fjords that lie beneath us.

We invite you to see this with your own eyes.


We bring you to adventures in a beautiful and wild nature shaped through many ice ages

Travelers from all over the world often ask us if Nordland is a good place to travel for someone who wants to experience wild nature? Will I be able to meet the challenges that nature offers? Is it suitable for all ages, families or just for someone who is a bit more adventurous?

The answer is always yes!

The nature around Svartisen glacier is one of Norway’s largest hidden treasures. We have it all! From the most accessible glacier in Europe to the most beautiful beaches, and the toughest caves in the world. Experience winter in the middle of summer, paddle around floating icebergs or paddle into white beaches for a swim.

For many years, we have designed tours to suit your needs, wherever you are. Our untouched nature has a secret for everyone! Join us in paddling in the arctic environment, climb the glacier in the middle of summer, experience untouched nature or hike across Norway. Stand at the summit of Svartisen’s highest mountain, visit our beautiful national parks Lahko, Saltfjellet or Rago National Park. Climb into the dark of our deepest caves using.

With Beyond Limits on the team, there are no limits to what you can experience! You can climb mountains, go skiing in the summer, paddle under the midnight sun and rappel down mountainsides. Or simply sit down and enjoy the wonderful scenery we have in Nordland. Let us show you the most beautiful places in Norway.

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.


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